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Alright, most of these options are mens clothing. With a little tailoring they’ll fit like a glove and look like they’re made for you. They are also priced higher than our usual cap, but accuracy was requested. If they’re too expensive for you we suggest looking into theatre costume rental!

The Vest: $65
The Pants: $45
The Shirt: $50
The Pattern: $9

The Boots-
Option One: $28
Option Two: $37

1830’s style tailcoats are hard to come by (let alone in red) so we added a single breasted pattern in for you. We’ve also come by a couple of tailcoat tutorials that you can use, just make sure that you alter them to fit the silhouette popular during the French Revolution. His tails are short and blunt, only hitting his upper thigh.

Enjolras is wearing button suspenders but you literally only see them twice the whole movie: once when (Spoiler alert if you don’t know about Les Miserables) the Friends of ABC take over the funeral parade and again when (Spoiler, we’re not kidding) he dies and has his vest open. We don’t see them as necessary to the costume. If you choose to wear them, you’ll need some compatible pants. We haven’t included such pants in the set.

Enjolras wears a very very very thin tie around his neck. We thought it could be an undone string tie or an untied Western bowtie, but it’s too long to be either. We’re not even certain those were popular in France at the time (Or ever. European men were partial to cravats.) You can use whatever you like for it, a ribbon or a long strip of black fabric will do. Sometime during the building of the barricade he ties a red sash around his waist that’s made from one of the flags. 

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We embody the utterly complex mixture of nerd culture and creative aesthetic. We're now turning these two characteristics into something fun and productive. We live by the phrase "Affordable Accuracy." If we cant afford or find the original item, we do our best to re-create it. This blog not only documents our own costume creations, but we'll also be glad to assist you in your endeavors as much as we can. In between our own projects and lending support, we also post outfit designs and ideas via Polyvore in hopes of giving you some inspiration.

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