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The Tops:
Option 1:   -$9.00
Option 2:   -$6.70
Now, to get the Wonder Girl emblem on you have a multitude of options. Those being sewing the pattern on with additional fabric, having it screen printed, or using iron on transfers.
When choosing which one is best for you, try to think about how the general wear and tear/how often you’ll being wearing the costume. Iron on transfers generally begin to lose their quality after a few wears, and definitely after washing. Having someone screen print it for you isn’t terribly expensive, but depending on your area this might not be the most accessible option.
Here is a good reference photo for whichever option works for you.

The Headband:   -$3.50
The Earrings:
Option 1:   -$27.00
Option 2:   -$12.00
The Cuffs:   -$21.11
The Trainers:   -$89.00
The Leggings:
Option 1:   -$8.00
Option 2:   -$17.40
Option 3:   -$30.00
To get the full effect, buy some white cotton spandex fabric and sew the side detailing on. And if you really want to be as accurate as possible, cut the leggings to just about the midway point between your ankle and calf, and hem the edges.

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We embody the utterly complex mixture of nerd culture and creative aesthetic. We're now turning these two characteristics into something fun and productive. We live by the phrase "Affordable Accuracy." If we cant afford or find the original item, we do our best to re-create it. This blog not only documents our own costume creations, but we'll also be glad to assist you in your endeavors as much as we can. In between our own projects and lending support, we also post outfit designs and ideas via Polyvore in hopes of giving you some inspiration.

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