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Sorry this cuts close to your deadline, it took a bit of research.

The Basics
The Tights (in Hunter Green):$12
The Dance Shorts (in Red): $20
The Leggings: $7
The Boots: $34
The Long Line Bra: $31
The Rit Dye: $3

We don’t know why, but yellow corsets/long line bras/ etc. are impossible to find, so you’ll have to dye a white one. It shouldn’t be a problem.

We found this walk-through/tutorial video for a Black Lantern Hawkgirl. She  talks about how to make changes to her’s to change it to a regular Hawkgirl headpiece. She suggests using pellon(the sew-in kind, not the iron on!) as a base, so you will need some good sewing machine skills.

You’ll also need to sew her belt. We suggest thick ribbon and craft foam painted silver. Here’s some information on craft foam and how to work with it if you’re unfamiliar.

Hawkgirl’s boots have yellow stripe detailing. This can be achieved with some spray paint and painter’s tape. If you want to spend the money, we found some replica boots for $90.

Now for wings! You’ll have to forgive us if these aren’t the perfect resources, we’ve never made wings.
You have a few options here. You can buy feathers, or make feathers out of craft foam. Making them out of craft foam should be cheaper, but it will take a while to shape them.
This tutorial serves as a great guideline for building your set, just change the shape to something closer to Hawkgirl’s. If you’re ambitious, there’s also this really cool articulated wing tutorial.

Here are a few wig options, hope they work for you!

Good luck! If you need anything else, just ask.

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