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The Bow Tie: $8
The Tights: $10
The Shirt: $30
The Shorts: $43
The Under-bust Vest: $27
The Gloves: $4
The RIT Dye: $3
The Boots: $45

A yellow vest that looked right couldn’t be found, but the suggested vest is Rayon/Nylon so dying it will work splendidly. 
We also couldn’t find a perfect tailcoat. There’s this one, but the tails aren’t as long as Zatanna’s. We’ve made a tailcoat from a regular tux jacket in the past, so if you’re interested in doing that let us know and we’ll walk you through it!

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    The Bow Tie: $8 The Tights: $10 The Shirt: $30 The Shorts: $43 The Under-bust Vest: $27 The Gloves: $4 The RIT Dye: $3...
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We embody the utterly complex mixture of nerd culture and creative aesthetic. We're now turning these two characteristics into something fun and productive. We live by the phrase "Affordable Accuracy." If we cant afford or find the original item, we do our best to re-create it. This blog not only documents our own costume creations, but we'll also be glad to assist you in your endeavors as much as we can. In between our own projects and lending support, we also post outfit designs and ideas via Polyvore in hopes of giving you some inspiration.

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