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San Diego Comic Con badges

Did anyone get picked for the SDCC resale raffle? Would you be willing to help a sister out and get me a badge? I’ve already paid for half of a hotel room, started on my costumes, and my partner in crime Victoria has a 4-Day badge, but I wasn’t chosen. She’s got a major anxiety issue and it’d be amazing if I could be her helping hand on the floor for at least one day. I’ll pay, of course, and we can negotiate additional compensation if necessary. You can contact me either here or through my personal blog. You guys don’t understand how much it would mean to Victoria and I both. 
Thank you all for even considering. New sets will be up soon, I promise!

This might take a while.

This might take a while.

Option One: $20
Option Two: $14
Option Three: $28
Option Four: $23
Option Five: $30

The dress worn in the episode is a BCBCMaxAzria “Khloe” dress in Golden. If you’re interested, we found a site where you can rent it for $50.

The Earrings£14
The TARDIS Necklace (‘Cuz, you know…they have the phonebox): £8
The Ring£4
The Bracelet£12

The Dresses-
Option One£17
Option Two:  £33
Option Three£20
Option Four£20
Option Five£15

The Shoes-
Option One£25
Option Two£15

Hey Anons…

Why do you choose to be Anon? You make up the overwhelming majority in our ask box, and we’re curious about it.

Feel free to message us (anonymously, of course) and let us know why!

The Shirt: £20
The Underbust Corset: £8
The Disco Shorts: £25
The Bow Tie: £10
The Fishnets: £5
The Gloves: £1

The Boots-
Option One: £65
Option Two: £50

For the tailcoat, we point you in the direction of this post.

If the price range is too high (we tried to keep it as low as possible), take a look at local thrift shops for items like the shirt and the boots. This costume seems like so much fun, enjoy!

This’ll keep you covered, no?

The Jeans: $35

The Sweaters-
Option One: $33
Option Two: $23

The Flip-Flops-
Option One: $4
Option Two: $26

Thank you to ClosetCosplay for creating the reference set!

The Belt: $17
The Hat: $48
The Earrings: $11

The Tops-
Option One: $40
Option Two: $20

The Pants-
Option One: $35
Option Two: $20

The Bags- 
Option One: $30
Option Two: $40

The Boots-
Option One: $20
Option Two: $48

The Blouse: $48
The Pants (in Dark Brown): 
The Bracelet: $16

The Dresses-
Option One: $45
Option Two: $15
Option Three: $11
Option Four: $31

The Shoes-
Option One: $45
Option Two: $50
Option Three: $37
Option Four: $30

The Belts-
Option One: $20
Option Two: $30
Option Three: $6

The Earrings-
Option One: $50
Option Two: $15

The Necklaces-
Option One: $3
Option Two: $4

We embody the utterly complex mixture of nerd culture and creative aesthetic. We're now turning these two characteristics into something fun and productive. We live by the phrase "Affordable Accuracy." If we cant afford or find the original item, we do our best to re-create it. This blog not only documents our own costume creations, but we'll also be glad to assist you in your endeavors as much as we can. In between our own projects and lending support, we also post outfit designs and ideas via Polyvore in hopes of giving you some inspiration.

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